23 January 2024 · 3 min read

The Art of

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The world of branding is a dynamic process where strategy, design, and emotional connection converge to build a unique and powerful corporate identity. We take our rebranding for Olin, the telecommunications operator in Andalucía, as a reference to illustrate how to build effective branding from the conception of the idea to the creation of an impactful physical experience.

1. The Seed of the Idea

It all starts with a creative seed. In Olin’s case, the letter “O” becomes more than just a simple component of the brand name; it rises as the symbolic core of the identity. The conceptualization involves not only understanding the purpose and values of the brand but also discovering how to express them visually.

2. The Visual Journey

The “O” in Olin creates a unique visual system: the symbol unfolds to form a deep tunnel that encourages the consumer to delve into the world of the brand and all its services. This graphic representation is not only aesthetically impactful but also communicates Olin’s value proposition, reinforced by the claim: “Entra en todo y con todo”
The tunnels, identified by the three corporate colors, immerse in each of the services the brand offers: fiber, mobile, and TV. The key here is to turn the conceptual idea into a visual experience that resonates with the audience and that at the same time communicates Olin’s value proposition: providing a full service that covers all the needs of its users.

3. The Brand’s Voice

Defining a consistent communication tone is essential to establish the brand’s personality, reinforce its identity, and build a lasting emotional connection with the audience. In the case of Olin, this tone is characterized by close, direct, and transparent messages, such as their resounding “Entra en todo y con todo” or their specific “Entra en fibra.” The brand communicates not only services but also values, supporting each statement with a clear promise to the consumer. Olin presents itself as a telecommunications operator with a tangible commitment to simplicity, integrity, and excellence.

4. Transcending the Digital

Branding is not limited to the online realm; it transcends screens to materialize in tangible experiences. Every detail, from the architecture to the interior design of Olin Stores, reflects the visual essence of the brand. These stores are more than points of sale; they are spaces where the brand experience comes to life. Each visit is an immersion in the identity of Olin, with carefully designed details creating a unique environment. Visual coherence translates into immersive engagement, taking the brand beyond screens and deeply connecting with those who experience it.

In conclusion, creating a powerful branding is not just a design exercise; it is a narrative that evolves from the conceptual idea to the physical experience. Olin demonstrates that every element, from a simple letter to a physical store, contributes to a coherent, recognizable identity rooted in the minds of consumers. In the world of branding, magic happens when creativity aligns with strategy, and each interaction with the brand becomes a chapter in the story being constructed. 

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