23 March 2023 · 2 min read


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The visual revolution: How liquid design identity is changing the way brands interact with consumers

Liquid and flexible brands have emerged as a response to the need to quickly adapt to changes in the market and culture. These brands are characterized by their ability to evolve over time and stay relevant in a constantly changing world.

Instead of having a static and rigid visual identity, liquid and flexible brands have a dynamic and adaptable visual identity. This allows them to adapt to different situations and contexts, which in turn allows them to better connect with their audience.

This design approach has become increasingly popular in the digital age, where brands need to be present on multiple channels and devices, and where user interaction and experience are critical to a brand’s success. With liquid design identity, brands can adapt and personalize for each channel and user experience, which helps improve the relationship between the brand and the consumer.

One of the key characteristics is its flexibility. Instead of having a fixed set of rules and guidelines for visual identity, liquid design is based on principles and values that guide creativity and experimentation through identity creation. This means that brands can play with different design assets, such as color, typography, and symbols, in order to create a dynamic, mobile, and interactive visual identity that adapts to different platforms and situations.

In addition, another key is the ability to evolve over time. This not only helps keep the brand fresh and exciting, but also shows a commitment to innovation and change, which consumers might find appealing.

Beyond visual identity design, liquid brands also apply these same principles through a flexible communication approach and tone of voice that adapts to different platforms and media.

How does your brand’s visual identity adapt to different devices and channels? How does it fit with different audiences and markets? How has your branding evolved over time? How does it maintain consistency vis-a-vis its visual identity whilst retaining its flexibility and adaptability?

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