23 March 2023 · 2 min read

Culture as
an engine

Branding Corporate Identity

I understand the concept of company culture as the “soul” that has been collaboratively forged by the people who currently make it up and who at some point in the past left their mark.

Developing one’s spiritual side has never been an easy task. In fact, most people don’t even consider it, or if they do, it is really difficult to dedicate constant time and effort to work on a concept originated in Western thought. However, this intangible concept that escapes all possibilities of verification and is completely foreign to the field of scientific knowledge can be translated into charisma, empathy, commitment, esteem, understanding or motivation, and that is why it seems essential to work on it and keep it very present in a company.

These are aspects that do not provide us with an established system of KPIs or have a specific method of improvement or implementation. We cannot evaluate them with a concrete unit of measure. However, we immediately perceive them, easily identify them, and are aware of its long-term effect.

Therefore, it is crucial to consider a plan for collective development, generating and energizing actions that arise spontaneously. This helps us better understand each individual’s system of values and beliefs, and therefore contributes to an aligned configuration of the global system.

We are not talking about big team buildings, but rather about a moment over coffee where we sincerely ask about a delicate situation, or an exchange of opinions without using each other’s status. Ultimately, it’s about showing humility and humanity in all circumstances and interactions within the company.

It is through the trust and commitment of those who are part of a shared project that the pillars that support the evolution of the business model and its modus operandi are built.

In our case, these foundations are what have allowed us to evolve. We have been able to face a pandemic while keeping the team intact and have avoided a temporary layoff process. It would not have been possible to implement a 3-day intensive workweek throughout the year since 2019 in a sector where it is customary to extend work hours unnecessarily.

Culture makes companies unique and gives them personality. It makes them desirable and attracts talent. But the best benefit is that they build real long-term relationships in which the experience goes beyond the professional realm. I like to call it “family.”